Becoming a gatekeeper

I experienced my first vision during the month of Ramadhan while in prayer in mosque. At the time, there was no framework in my family or culture for such an experience. I simply knew that this vision was a sacred gift from the Almighty – from Source.

Both my mothers mother and father are of bushmen descent. When my mother embraced Islam through marriage to my father, she moved away from her birth family and we had very little contact with them.

A mystical alignment brought the Elder Mutwa’s to stay in our home in the middle of my womb awakening apprenticeship. I found myself in what felt like two apprenticeships at the same time. And it was through Baba Credo’s stories of the Bushmen and of my Irish ancestors that I was encouraged to make peace with my tri-racial ancestry.

Rainbow Womb Awakening calls us to move from powerlessness into a state of empowerment.

It calls us to

  • bring healing to our paternal and maternal lineages.
  • into deeper relationship with ourselves.
  • to open our hearts and arms to all that life has to offer us.
  • to open and clear the pathways of our feminine being.
  • say yes to our sacred vocation.

Come, bring your heart and your womb into this sacred rainbow womb web. Together, we can support the birth of a new earth.

With Gratitude and Love

Rah – Nomvula