Like the Lotus that is not saturated by the water that it rests upon,
Any more than its flowers are soiled by mud,
You remain perpetually pure and are not tainted by any actions.

Welcome to this sacred space. This compassionate space infused with the vibrations of love is dedicated to the empowerment of all women and men, and to the remembering of all the magical mysteries stored within our sacred calabash.

I embrace all spiritual paths. My teachings, events and earth based practices are aligned for the betterment and support of all.

I honour the energy centers below the navel as the place where most imbalances originate from. When these centers are healthy they support the flow of self esteem, self love, vitality and authenticity – nourishing you to bloom wherever you are planted.

All of my services encourages you to be in the body and to feel your feelings. We cannot heal from our intellect. We cannot heal if we are not in our bodies. I am dedicated to hold safe and gentle spaces where you are able to give voice to you memories so you may journey back into the body that is your true home.

There is nothing that cannot be healed with self love anointed in the language of the divine.