Like the Lotus that is not saturated by the water that it rests upon,
Any more than its flowers are soiled by mud,
You and your yoni remain perpetually pure and are not tainted by any actions.

Welcome to this space of divinity. This space was born from my Heroine’s journey. A journey of reclamation of my cape aboriginal ancestry. And of the gifts anchored in the wombs and hearts of the women of all my lineages.  I am dedicated to the remembrance of our indigenous womb conscious healing practices and knowledge systems.  Like the lotus flower, my matrilineal her-stories rose from the muddy waters of apartheid, of genocide, of the harm caused by patriarchy and of sexual trauma.

 My work is about the feminine psyche, our bodies – our liquids – our her-stories and our indigenous inheritances. I honour all the sacred sites of our divine feminine being. The flowery feminine form and all that is sacred within her/it.

I welcome you to embrace your  body as a sacred gift from the Source of all life.  I welcome you to embrace yourself as you are right now. 

I am here to debunk the myths that our sexuality and our spirituality are separate from one another. That our indigenous nature is separate from our emerging selves. And that we are separate from mother earth.

The Lotus Flower is a beacon of strength, inspiration and empowerment for me and for many different ancestries throughout the world. It is the sacred flower of  the journey of life. It is about opening to the rising light of each day, of rising through the mud, of enlightenment, of faith and of divine love.

A Lotus seed can withstand thousands of years without water, able to germinate over two centuries later. She is the ultimate symbol for the beauty and divinity of our sacred being and of our divine yoni. 

I am honoured to be in service to women, young girls and all people throughout the world.

I embrace all spiritual paths. My teachings, events and earth based practices are aligned for the betterment and support of all.

May you, your yoni and your life be blessed.