Like the Lotus that is not saturated by the water that it rests upon,
Any more than its flowers are soiled by mud,
The Yoni remains perpetually pure and is not tainted by any actions.

Divine Lotus is a holy space held in the frequencies of the divine feminine energies. This sacred space was called into being by the universal stream of consciousness that I know as Divine Mother. This space is dedicated to the healing of our most sacred feminine essence – our yoni – our vagina.

This space is dedicated to holding safe spaces where women are encouraged to come back into our bodies after being disconnected from her. It is dedicated to giving voice to all the memories held within our sacred yoni’s. Be they of female genital cutting, emotional or physical abuse of our sexual energies and organs, incest, subtle crossings of sexual boundaries and illness manifesting in our sexual chakra.

This space serves to remind every girl and every women that you and your yoni are truly blessed.

With Love