I am a Cape Indigenous Woman. I carry many lineages within my bloodline.  My maternal lineages are of Bushmen descent while my paternal line are of Indian, Irish, Malay and many more. I was initiated into this sacred work by my Bushmen, Indian and Irish ancestry. And by multi-layered traumas. I grew up in a muslim family where my body and my spirituality was separated from one another. To talk about sexuality and about healing was a taboo in my family or origin. I grew up with a mistrust of my body and of my feminine nature.  Trauma in the form of female genital cutting froze many aspects of my being and I became separated from myself whilst longing to connect with myself and with my feelings. Many years later, I became an Apprentice to a Native American Elder who visited Cape Town. I was introduced to sweat lodges as a sacred healing practice.The sacred sweat lodge became a place of deep healing as my emotional blocks began to thaw and I started to feel my feelings. With the guidance of man female ancestors, I began to practice yoni steaming. A fragrant comfort was provided by the warm steam and layer after layer of trauma began to peel away. This was supported with indigenous and elemental training. I began to know myself. A new self esteem system grew from this place. And the Source of Love aligned me with the mystical path of my purpose here on earth.

It’s been 14 years of working in this divine feminine yoni field. I have offered yoni steam sessions in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Egypt, the UK, Turkey and France.

I am dedicated to creating safe spaces where women and all people  can connect with themselves and access the feminine wisdom within their being.  I hold sacred spaces infused with my indigenous healing gifts in support of your healing journey.

You Yoni is divine, a jewel in the lotus – a gift from the Source of Life itself.

My sacred vocation as an Indigenous Water Medicine Woman is of the almost forgotten healing practices of my maternal grandmother and her bushmen ancestry. I am rooted in my connection with the divine feminine as she has been honoured by all cultures and traditions since the beginning of time. I am passionate about cape aboriginal her-stories, women’s empowerment and health. And am deeply committed to the freedom, empowerment and emotional well-being of all peoples.

May Love bring us all home to ourselves.