I am a Water Medicine Woman and Women’s Health Educator rooted in my relationship with the Divine and with my ancestors. Through my heroine’s journey to heal my disconnection from my root and my heart I was guided to train with several shamanic teachers from Naive American Indian,South African Traditional Healers,Movement Medicine,Womb Awakening Apprenticeship & Teacher Training and Mizan Abdominal Therapy.Here I learnt to say yes to my soul path and to life itself. My soul path teaches me that the frequency of love permeates the realms of disconnected and despair.This love speaks to me through my connection with the Divine feminine as she has been honoured by all traditions and cultures since the beginning of time.

I am guided to hold space for others to explore their inner worlds.To invite awareness of the things that cause blockages within our bodies.My services focus on the energy fields of the first three chakras and their relationship with your heart chakra without any exclusion of the rest of you.During my work I become a carrier for the frequencies of Love using word and sound to open doorways for others to enter and explore themselves.

In 2015 Rah received the name Nomvula- ‘Mother of the Rains’ from Sanusi Credo Mutwa following several water initiations.Rah – Nomvula’s work is blessed by her teachers and elders.

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