I was born with the arabic words of womb and merciful encoded in my birth name. As part of my soul contract when I came to Earth. The compassionate and merciful womb field was how my journey – how each of our journeys began. My traditional Islamic spirituality merged with indigenous spirituality through my  initiations as a Water Womb Medicine Woman. I am a Women’s Health Educator, rooted in my relationship with the divine within and throughout all of life.  Through my heroine’s journey to heal my disconnection from my root and my heart I was blessed to receive sacred teachings from a variety of teachers throughout the world. From Naive American Indian Teachings to South African Ancestral Healing modalities, Movement Medicine,Womb Awakening Teacher Training, Mizan Abdominal Therapy and Herbal Medicine for Women.

I was initiated into this vocation by my yoni and called by my rainbow ancestors to pour healing waters on the generational and inter generational wounds in our family field. A tri-racial journey of healing and peacemaking between my Bushmen, Muslim and Irish ancestors unfolded.   This tri-racial ancestry allows me to be a bridge between races, the ancestral, the traditional and the emerging.

Love speaks to me through prayer and through my connection to the divine feminine as she has been honoured by all cultures and traditions since the beginning of time. This love has the power to heal all things.

I am called to work in the field of  Women’s Health, which encompasses trauma healing, shadow work, sexuality, fgm, reproductive rights, nutrition and movement.

In 2015 I received the name Nomvula – ‘Mother of the Rains’ from Elder historian Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa after several years of being in a soul contract with both Mama Virginia and with Baba Credo. I was blessed to listen to their many stories, to hold space for them and to receive their guidance and a few teachings during water ceremonies here in Cape Town.

In 2019 my Water Womb Medicine journey came full circle as I became an Initiate of  Water Medicine Man and Peacemaker Mandaza Kandemwa. I am a gatekeeper for the feminine mysteries of my lineages. I have taken a vow to serve only Love.

May love bring us all home to ourselves.