Newsletter – We are celebrating 13 years of feminine campaigning

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We are celebrating 13 years of feminine campaigning.

Divine Lotus was registered 13 years ago after I answered the call to commit to my sacred vocation. At the time I was not sure what that would look or even what to call myself. The word Healer or Medicine Woman were scary words to reclaim. At the time, there were very few women of colour working in the field of Yoni. As a Mother and wife, the time available to me was limited. I had to choose carefully what to give my valuable energy to. I initially thought that I would work exclusively with women who have experienced female genital cutting. And to my utter surprise many women from all walks of life reached out to me to share their yoni stories – often for the first time ever. It was overwhelming to be the recipient of so many yoni stories. And nothing could have prepared me for it. My own yoni was guiding the process and soon I began to offer Yoni Steam Sessions. The women of Cape Town were wary of such a strange practice. The feminine mysteries of our lineages long forgotten in our psyche’s. Yet, the guidance received kept nudging me to continue. I was on sacred pilgrimage in France in a deep journey when a fellow Sister invited me to join her in Egypt. It was there in the shade of the Pyramids that I was received with such overwhelming generosity and need. I was awestruck by the response to my offering of Yoni Steam sessions. So many women thanked me for finally coming to them. Our shared muslim upbringings and culture enfolding us a field of trust and understanding that no amount of marketing could bridge. They needed some-one to hold space for their yoni and her stories. Not just to hold space for Her but to anchor a sacred, tender and feminine temple space for them to be able to lean into. It has been a deep gift to have followed her guidance. To have committed to her sacred power. Thank you to each of you who allowed me to hold space for you. Without your Yes, I could not offer this sacred work. Thank you for allowing me to hear your voice and the voice of your yoni. It remains a mystery and my deepest honour to have become a travelling Yoni Steam Practitioner. First to Egypt, then Turkey, then the UK & France. One thing was clear – women were waiting for me to arrive. And all I had to do was show up to do the work. 

In celebration of this Epic Milestone we are launching a special Mystical Magic Yoni Course. We start on 1 August  – 30 October 2022. Gathering in sacred circle, each of us doing the practices in the privacy of our own space whilst building a divine yoni field full of potentiality and healing. Bring your sacred prayers regardless of your faith or orientation. Payment is on a monthly basis on a sliding scale. You decide what you can afford between the sliding scale option.

A Pyramidal Offerring 
First Pyramid – 1 August to 30 October
This can be taken on its own without any commitment to continue. 

Second Pyramid – 2 January – 31 March 2023
Third Pyramid – 1May – 30 July
Final Pyramid only for those who intend to work in the field of Yoni.
1 September – 30 November 2023.

We will merge the scientific and indigenous. Written information and Audio meditations. Traditional and emerging. We will reach deep into our DNA and activate forgotten pathways in support of our evolution. Together we will reclaim the magnetism of our yoni as a divine spark of Living Shakti, pure and free. If you have a Yes, email me for your programme and application form. I honour the divine spark in you and your yoni. 

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