Your Yoni Steam Session

My Divine Yoni Steam session is the deepest Yoni healing for all traumas related to our sexuality. My session is held in the softest tenderness and love. It is shaped to support you to gently release on an energetic, physical, emotional and psychic level. My sessions support healing for generational, and intergenerational trauma’s as well as for women who have experienced female genital cutting and incest. You are gently encouraged to connect with her and to open her pathways using trauma healing, sexual healing and women’s earth healing modalities. All these modalities support women’s sexual health and overall well being so that you can feel nourished, supported and loved. Your session includes guidance for better self care, nutrition and herbal medicine. 

You are an expression of the Divine. Your Divine Yoni is an expression of the Divine. 

Your Divine Yoni Steam Session costs R550 for 60 minutes.

Online Divine Yoni healing sessions are R550 an hour for South Africans. International clients pay 50 usd an hour.

Online Yoni healing session available now.


“I experienced my first Yoni steam with Rah and felt a profound and deep healing occurring through this beautiful ritual. Rah held the space with compassion and integrity and I felt safe to feel and express what came up through the process. I have recommended her to many of my patients and believe the work she is doing is powerful and necessary for our humanity”

Dr Kate-Louise McCay, Osteopath

‘I wanted to thank you for holding space and spreading your loving compassion. The yoni steam session was beautiful and profound – full of truth, love and of course honest grief. Thank you for your beautiful work, it is a gift and much needed especially in this wounded country’

Natalie Nolte, Designer/ Production Manager

Today I had an amaaaaazing experience! A womb healing session! It was an experience of a deep connection with my Yoni (womb), the releasing of deeply rooted imprints and the explosion of so much love! It felt like I am being re-born from my own womb! Ladies, I recommend this amazing experience with the most compassionate Rah Busby! Catch her before she leaves Cairo in a few days!

Daia Adel, Cairo