Yoni Steam Practitioner 2

When the Yoni steam session is done in a sacred way, supporting women to reconnect with themselves with reverence, it can be the deepest healing journey for all women. When we bring life back and warmth back to our root, we can gently release ancient fears and grief held from this life and from the pain held within our feminine lineages. As the frozen energies begin to release, our shakti awakens and the creative pulse of life can begin to flow back to our most powerful center.

This is an advanced training –  a companion to Yoni Steam Practitioner 1 – focusing on the energy pathways between all our energy centers. And tools to work with them in a sacred way to deepen your sacred vocation and the ways in which you can support women to release the stuck energies that cause health challenges and illness.

The sacred practice of  Yoni steaming combined with other modalities and herbal medicine can offer healing for:

  • sexual healing
  • female genital cutting
  • incest
  • miscarriage
  • abortion
  • fibroids
  • imbalances within the yoni and more…


  • Chakra healing
  • Herbs that support yoni healing
  • The power of sound
  • De – armouring
  • Trauma healing

The pre requisites for Yoni steam practitioner 2:

  • Completion of Yoni Steam Practitioner 1 training
  • a Minimum of 10 Yoni steam feed back forms
  • Yoni steam as sacred vocation project.

Dates will be set after the next Yoni steam practitioner 1 training course. Please email for more information.