Women’s Health and Food

Eating and what we eat has always been an intimate relationship. It is an intimate relationship between ourselves and the world.  Early cultures all understood that there is an active intelligence in nature. That the origin and function of the foods we eat matter.That the energy and activities involved in the things we eat are assimilated into our bodies. It is now a proven fact that what we eat influences us in profound ways.

As women, we have a complex relationship with food. We eat for so many different reasons and there is so much trauma and issues in women’s food relationship. Disordered eating affects most women at some point in our lives. And food is tied up with anxiety, with how we look, our weight, our body image, etc. The statistics on dieting, body image and self hate are overwhelming. And the anxiety about food is unbelievable.

The stomach is where we anchor our radiance and self love. What we eat and why we eat impacts this sacred place within us and affects our entire being. On an energetic level, the stomach is a path of the unconscious. All our undigested matter – our feelings, our emotions, thoughts and patterns is held in this part of our body. And is true for both women and men. Our abdomen is multi layered and rich in nerve endings and neuro transmitters. This beautiful part of us helds vast primal and emotional intelligence.

It is vital for women to get a better understanding of why we eat and the affect of our diet on our physiology. What happens in our gut affects our yoni and our womb health.

Food is information. Information that feed your entire body.

How would you shop, cook and eat if you knew without a doubt that food sends information throughout your entire body that supports you overall health and well being.

Food is information taking into our bodies, into our gut, our yoni and our womb. What type of information do you want to receive in your body?

Are you ready to eat so that the information your body receives through your food, supports your body – your yoni and womb to repair, to heal, to feel nourished and replenished?

I offer support for women who suffer from Vaginal infections, Bacterial and chemical vaginitis, candida, gas. bloating, IUT’s, Urinary tract infections, and more…

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