Water Medicine – A Process of Embodiment for those whom the Waters Call

Our ancestors knew and revered the power of the waters as sacred.  To many of them the Ocean is Mother. The Sweet Waters that run down our mountains are filled with liquid light and our ancestors honoured this mystical liquid.  Every culture and tradition honours and reveres water as life giving, healing and primordial. Every culture holds sacred traditions involving waters. Initiates of the ancient medicine ways had to train with an Elder in order to receive the teachings and codes connected to this feminine path. This is not an intellectual path. It is a traditional path. An embodied feminine wave form beyond logic and understanding, where the pathways of your body is brought in alignment with that of the sacred Waters and with the Womb of Mother Ocean. This sacred process will feature  Intensives with month long space for landing, practice and integration. The keystones for embodiment, empowering you to deepen your inner knowing.

This is for you if the sacred waters already call you. We will share the

1. The Art of Ceremony.

2. Place of the Ancestors.

3. The gifts of Listening

4. Earth Womb Mysteries.

5. Shadows work

6. The Power of Grief.

7. Space Holding.

8. Mothermind Feminine Path.

9. Sacred Leadership & Power

We are a Collaborative & we will share more details soon. Please do not hesitate to contact Rah – rah360@gmail.com for more information. Mermaid blessings to you

Water is Love

Within the womb lives the mysteries of the sacred feminine. We journey to our womb to reclaim ourselves.

  • It is through the womb that the ancient ones journeyed to be rebirthed.
  • It is through the womb that we are able to access our maternal and paternal wounds and gifts.
  • It is through the womb that we re align with our original blueprint.
  • It is the Cosmic womb that connects us all.
  • Our ‘Mothermind’ is a part of every single one of us, waiting to be accessed.