Sexual Abuse Healing

I came into this sacred sexual healing work through the stories held within my yoni – my vulva. I was born into a community where even this sentence is taboo. As a young girl, I witnessed a lot of sexual abuse trauma in my community. We grew up amidst many conversations about marriage without addressing sex or sexuality and to a large degree this is still the norm within many communities today.

Social norms encourage women to be desirable and sexy without providing education about sex and sexuality. At the same time we are discouraged from talking about sex and from seeking education about our sexuality. Sex is alluded to all the time but it cannot be discussed. Sexual abuse occurs within families and communites as if it is a secret practice while we lobby for the human rights of children and women.

An unknowable fear presides over our sexual rights and our sexuality in the world. A fear that has us pretending that sexual abuse is not happening as close as it is. A fear that prevents us from starting conversations in our mosques, our churches and our communities. A fear that prevents us from educating ourselves, our children and our communities.

As a society we are conflicted about the subject of sex and sex education. These conflicts have created a distortion that continues to see a rise in sexual abuse within our schools, families and communities.

The situation and the statistics will never change unless we address the realities of sexual abuse amongst us. We have the power to educate future generations.

The power to educate and empower ourselves and our children.

What is sexual abuse:

Sexual Abuse is any act of sexual contact that a person submits to, participates in or performs as a result of force, or violence, threats, fear, or deception or without having legally consented to the act.

Sexual contact is understood to encompass any intentional touching, fondling, or penetration of intimate parts of the survivor’s body by the perpetrator.

What is Incest:

Incest is sexual abuse within an family, with a close relative or by a caregiver – where one family member or close relative or caregiver intentionally touches, fondles, or penetrates another without consent. Or by using violence, threats, fear and deception to get the other to participate.

Taking explicit pictures of children, sharing sexual fantasies with children and a child are also considered to be acts of incest.

Family here means blood family, or adopted families and other family-like situations. Incest is another tabbo subject where survivors of incest are victimised and stigmatized. 

The field of Trauma healing is going through a revolution. A revolution that is giving us access to how trauma changes our neural pathways and how we are able to heal in body, mind and spirit.

It is an honour for me to continue to work in the field of sexual healing. We know that sexual trauma never goes away. Our healing is about us finding space within us for it to remain without destroying or distorting our lives. Our healing us about us finding ways to fully live our lives in the present – with care and love for ourselves.

My sexual healing work encompasses somatic healing practices, psychology, neuroscience, family constellations, intuitive wisdom, universal prayer and ceremony.

I incorporate sexual healing practices in my Yoni Steam sessions, Vibrational Sexual Healing Massage and Family Constellations work as needed.

Working with Rah

– Book an initial consultation.

– I do not have any physical contact with your genitalia during the above sessions nor do I offer any sexual services.

– payment for your sessions is 50 % in advance and 50 % on the day of your session.

– Cancellation is free if you cancel your session more than 24 hours in advance. Cancellation within 24 hours means that you will forfeit 50% of your full session cost.

I am honoured to be of service in the field of sexual healing and sexual health.

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