Ruby Flower Power Bundle

This Ruby  Flower Power bundle grew out of the need for further exploration in your yoni healing process. Many people find that their yoni has been waiting for them to connect with her … and not only that but she has a lot to say … and she is ready for more.

This bundle supports a more complete and held process for you as you unfurl her petals and tune into her radiant field.

You can choose from a variety of options. It helps to have on online session first to meet and feel each other’s signature frequencies and to explore from there. There after you may be ready for an in person yoni steam session followed by abdominal massage or sexual healing massage. It may be that there is something to constellate connected to you divine yoni field and we can explore a family constellation session as your third option in this beautiful bundle. 

Your Ruby Flower Power Bundle cost – R 2100 for South African only.

International Clients – USD 211