Workshops and retreats are spaces where women and men can resource themselves. With love as our anchor, we form the sacred circle, where there is no beginning and no end.  Using a combination of indigenous wisdom and mind, body spirit medicine I have developed group processes that support individual journeys within the context of a group field. I facilitate safe spaces of non judgement filled with compassion where women and men can feel safe to talk about and move through the taboo subjects, shameful feelings and traumas that block the flow of our life force. I have held sacred space for elders and mixed groups in South Africa and for women only in South Africa, Turkey, Egypt and the UK.

The range of retreats I offer are:

  • Grief Ceremonies,
  • Pilgrimages – Local and International,
  • Rainbow Healing Hand Washing,
  • Priestess Retreats,
  • Womb Health Medicine,
  • The Heart as Guru,
  • Yoni as Sacred Temple
Within the sacred circle, we call the heart into the mind.
Cost differ from group to group dependant on venue