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Turkish Womb Sister, Baitha Bahar

Rainbow Womb Awakening – South Africa

The Rainbow Womb Wisdom path once thrived in our country and on our continent. It is now widely accepted and scientifically proven that the people of origin – The San – Khoe – Bushmen were found to live in harmony with all of creation on our continent. Those who came after, learnt all there was to learn about the herbs, plant medicines, water sources and the indigenous wisdom ways of survival from our rainbow people of the eland. Most of this knowledge has been distorted, claimed and reclaimed by many within our country and throughout the world. The primordial rainbow womb teachings, song lines, sacred stories, symbols and dances are calling to be remembered and to be re birthed so that we may support the lives of the next seven generations

The ancient language returns and is being spoken again in our country and across our borders. The songs are being sung and we are dancing and praying the ancient wisdom ways home to ourselves and throughout our motherland. Through my womb journey, the pyramid of ancestors  within me – Indian, Khoe and Irish came to find peace.Through there teachings I walk the ancient song lines from the mother city, place of my birth up the nile river to Egypt and across the oceans to the UK.They guide me and they support this work. These teachings are not mine. I am a part of them and they a part of me.

It is my humble intention to share the ancient teachings with the women and men who feel by and to it. I offer this work in honour of all my ancestors and for the benefit of mother earth and the generations to come after us.

The time has come to reclaim our stories, to dance our sacred dances – to stand tall and sing the songlines of our lost feminine codes so they may ripple throughout our motherland and our continent once again.

May we awaken the sacred lotus blossoms within all our energy centers so we may rebirth the new earth.

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