Turkish Womb Sister, Baitha Bahar

Feminine codes of the Motherland

The Water Womb feminine path once thrived in our country and on our continent. From the tip of Africa to the horn of Africa, indigenous cultures have honoured the path of heart for many generations. The water and womb mysteries were held by the grandmothers and great grandmothers in communities all over our continent, including our hunter gatherer communities of South Africa.  The Bushmen lived in harmony with all of nature and enjoyed a holy relationship with all water sources. Long before any scientific evidence existed that water is a memory keeper on Mother Earth. And long before Masaru Emoto provided scientific evidence that water responds in particular ways when communicated with.

I have been initiated into the water medicine mysteries of my ancestors by Elder Water Medicine men Sanusi Credo Mutwa and Mandaza Kandemwa. It was written in the stars that I would experience one of my first water ceremonies with the man whose name means  ‘Truth of the Little Bushmen’ – Sanusi Credo Mutwa and his wife Virginia Mutwa at Landudno beach in 2007. He told me after that it was the Bushmen who first knew the medicines of this motherland. They knew the herbs, water sources, animal wisdom and guardians of this land.. And all other tribes learnt this knowledge from our hunter gatherer ancestors.

The aim of the Water Medicines is to support us to remember ourselves, through cultivating a sacred relationship with all bodies of water. To connect us to our inner waters – our emotions and our memories. And ultimately to support us to remember our true nature so we may build a healthy relationship with ourselves, our ancestors and with all of nature.

The waters of our country carries the memories of our histories. Our waters hold the beautiful memories of a peace-loving hunter gatherer nation who lived in harmony with all of life. Our waters also holds the memories of those who took control of our water sources in one of the first acts of colonial occupation, forcing the Bushmen to move in order to survive. The ripple of this act has left a great wound in memory of our waters and in the body of Mama Africa.

‘The wave is not the water. The water merely told us about the wave moving through’ – R Fuller – inventor, poet, futurist.

The ancient ‘Xam/Nama (click) language returns and is being spoken again in our country and across our borders.The songs are being sung and we are dancing and praying the ancient wisdom ways home to ourselves and throughout our motherland. We are remembering ourselves, and our true nature.

I offer this work in honour of all my ancestors, for the benefit of mother earth and for the next generations. I serve only the Love through whom we are all birthed.

This Feminine Codes of the Motherland was birthed with the support of our International Womb Circle, our Ancestors and Elders Mama Virginia and Baba Credo Mutwa a few years ago here in our Mother City. The Elder who coins the ‘Mothermind’ came to anchor the feminine – water womb – codes here in our mother city. Together we took the journey of rebirth to the cosmic womb.

Within the womb lives the mysteries of the feminine. We journey to our womb to reclaim ourselves.

  • It is through the womb that the ancient ones journeyed to be rebirthed.
  • It is through the womb that we are able to access our maternal and paternal wounds and gifts.
  • It is through the womb that we re align with our original blueprint.
  • It is the Cosmic womb that connects us all.
  • Our ‘Mothermind’ resides within the wisdom of our beautiful wombs and haras.

Our Elders are the wisdom keepers. The ancient knowledge is held with them. They pass it on to those of us willing to take the light saber. To commit to holding it sacred and to pass it one when the time is aligned.

May we remember that we are an interconnected web, a cellular network able to join hearts and wombs/haras in order to bless self, each other, our families and our communities. May all of life be blessed by our collective efforts

May we serve only Love.