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Turkish Womb Sister, Baitha Bahar

Feminine codes of the Motherland

The Feminine Womb Wisdom path once thrived in our country and on our continent. It is now widely accepted and scientifically proven that the people of origin – The San – Khoe – Bushmen were found to live in harmony with all of creation on our continent. All those who came after, learnt all there was to learn about the herbs, plant medicines, water sources and the indigenous wisdom ways of survival from our rainbow people of the eland. Most of this knowledge has been hunted, distorted, claimed and reclaimed by many within our country and throughout the world. A great wound lives in the body of Mama Africa. The feminine wisdom path have called me all my life and I have given myself to be her student. I have been Initiated by Sanusi Credo Mutwa to anchor these wisdom codes in ceremonies and teachings spanning 15 years. This was followed by Initiations by Water medicine man Augustine Kandemwa. The Feminine codes of  our motherland are calling to be remembered, grieved, reclaimed and celebrated by the larger communities of women and men here in our country and our continent.

The ancient ‘Xam/Nama (click) language returns and is being spoken again in our country and across our borders.The songs are being sung and we are dancing and praying the ancient wisdom ways home to ourselves and throughout our motherland. I had to undergo a pyramid of ancestral Initiations  that included my Bushmen, Indian and Irish ancestors so that they may find have peace within me. This Rainbow ancestral constellation allows me to be a rainbow bridge between different cultures, races and belief systems and between the indigenous and the emerging.

I offer this work in honour of all my ancestors, for the benefit of mother earth and for the next generations. I serve only the Love through whom we are all birthed.

This Feminine Codes of the Motherland was birthed with the support of our Ancestors and Elders Mama Virginia and Credo Mutwa a few years ago here in our Mother City. Our International Womb Circle was blessed by the arrival of our Elders bringing awareness of the sacred medicines of our Motherland.  The man whose name means ‘Truth of the little Bushmen”, came holding a shimmering beacon, a saber of  rainbow light to hand over to those of us willing to do the work. A great Rebirth was signalled by this constellation. We met the Call and opened our home to host our Elders and invited a sacred circle to hold space whilst we anchored Her Divine frequencies. It was a time of many Initiations and deep teachings while held in the protective embrace of our Great African Mama. The ‘Mothermind’ as Sanusi Credo coins it, is rising. All knowledge that has to do with our Khoi or San people rises through great challenges here in our country. While the minority defines  the status quo.

Our Motherland’s medicine calls for all Her children to come and drink at her sacred wells. This is our birthright.

May we remember that we are an interconnected web, a cellular network able to join hearts and wombs/haras in order to bless self, each other, our families and our communities. May all of life be blessed by our collective efforts.

May we gather as men and women, to offer our wombs and haras to give Birth to the New Earth here in our sacred Mother City and Motherland. And may we win the battle against the negative spirits who keeps this knowledge from rising here.

May we choose Love.

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