Rainbow Womb Awakening 9 Moon Apprenticeship

This pilgrimage into your womb, yourself, your lineages, your stories, health challenges and wounds is a spiral journey that leads you to a rich ancestral harvest full of mystical guidance and inner expansions. You are called to pour your holy words into every ceremony and practice, honoring your beliefs, calling in your support & your ancestors. Held within the support & potency of a divine womb field invites the alchemy of mystical healing. We descend into the womb so we may rise and bloom.

The Benefits of  Rainbow Womb Awakening

  • Come into relationship with yourself. Know thyself.
  • Build healthy relationships with your ancestors.
  • Embrace healing for yourself and you’re lineages.
  • Restore health to your womb, nervous system, your digestive systems.
  • Become a good mother to yourself by creating safety for yourself.
  • Connect with the boundless creative potential within yourself.
  • Heal emotional trauma’s and intergenerational trauma’s.
  • Open to many levels of Forgiveness
  • De armouring your heart & awaken your soft feminine nature.
  • Learn to accept yourself as you are.
  • Activate your feminine power.
  • Open to life and pleasure.
  • Reconnect with your soul essence.
  • Awaken your Shakti power.
  • Heal your relationships with family & friends.
  • Awaken your intuitive and psychic potential.
  • Return to wholism and your interconnectedness to all life.

We journey though 9 months of womb consciousness full of wisdom and love.With special ceremonies and practices for women of colour and muslim women.

  • Spiral 1. Womb Quest
  • Spiral 2. I am the Temple
  • Spiral 3. Womb Medicine Wheel
  • Spiral 4. Moon Blood Mysteries
  • Spiral 5. Journey into Erotic Innocence
  • Spiral 6. Sacred Union Alchemy
  • Spiral 7. Wounds of the Feminine
  • Spiral 8. Lioness Leadership
  • Spiral 9. Initiation and Sacred Vocation

– You will receive a Certificate on Completion of the 9 month Apprenticeship, supporting you to host red tents, retreats and women’s circles.

Become a Certified Rainbow Womb Awakening Facilitator – allowing you to teach this work – by

  • Completing the 9 month Apprenticeship
  • 7 Day in person Retreat
  • Descent into the underworld 30 day online course

Our 2020 programme is full and registration is closed. The next programme will commence in March 2021. Please email rah360@gmail.com to reserve your place.

We descend into the Womb so we may Rise and Bloom.