Becoming a Yoni Steam Practitioner

Yoni steaming is one of the ancient divine feminine alchemical processes. It can be the deepest healing for all women and for many of our  traumas.

We are called to descend into our divine feminine essence, beyond verbal conditioning, to access again our feeling body and to open this flow. As we descend, our vibration changes – igniting our capacity for healing so that we may rise like the lotus flower from all that holds us back from fully living the life we have come to live.

This training will equip you to support others to take this descent into their divine feminine essence as a sacred practice for healing.

You will learn:

* How to hold divine feminine dimension space.

* The keys of Yoni Steaming

* Yoni Anatomy and Physiology

* Practical requirements

* Yoni healing

* The Sacred Vocation of being a Yoni Steam Practitioner.

You will receive:

* Live 3 day Yoni Steam Practitioner training 1

* PDF with all the above information

* Yoni Diagram

* Yoni Cushion at discounted price

* Follow up Mentoring Sessions at special student price.

I look forward to passing on my many years of experience in this sacred field of the feminine.

Email to book you place in this circle.