Yoni Revival Oracle Class


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Date: 10 August
Time: 6.30pm - 8pm SAST
Duration: 90 mins
Cost: South African & African Countries Only - R350
International: 33 USD
Where: Zoom Room Class
Special discounted Follow up session for only R330 - 33 USD
for 1 hour of divine yoni healing.

Description: Your Yoni is Primal in Nature and Divine in her Intelligence. This Yoni healing space will be anchored with universal prayer, welcoming all religious beliefs and excluding none. This is a gentle somatic movement of relating with our most precious yoni flower, inviting fresh connection, holy light with the breath of intent held in a container full of tender love.

We will explore:
1. Having agency over your divine yoni.
2. Demystify what it means to connect with your yoni.
3. Using your divine instruments we will anchor a new frequency of warmth and love into your being.
4. Heal the split between your spirituality and your sexuality.
4. Grounded and rooted in a revived relationship with her, you can embody your authentic radiant light.

Why Yoni healing:
- Our sacred flower is full of untapped wisdom waiting for us to reach for it.
- The time for Yoni revival is now.
- So that your Divine Flower trauma does not define who you are. .
- When we reach down with sacred intent into our root, we rewire our connection to and with ourselves.
- This heightens your access to your intuitive powers and your wisdom.

This is for you:
* If you dream of getting to know her better.
* If you long for a healthier relationship with her.
* If you wish to access all the gifts and blessings she has to offer you.
* If you are rewiring an unhealthy inherited relationship with her.
* If you are called to bring a new frequency of being with her into your ancestry.
* If you have a Divine Yoni Cushion and wish to do healing bridge work in this way.
* If you are curious about the Revival of your Divine Flower.

Registration closes on Monday 5 August at 13h00 SAST.

* For those who Identify as women only.
* Due to the nature of the subject and sharings this will not be recorded.
* There are no refunds for those who enrol and do not show up for this online class.