Yoni Flower Power Masterclass OCT 23


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14 OCTOBER @ 2.30pm SA time


Welcome to this Yoni Flower Power Masterclass.

Yes, finally there is a space for your Divine Yoni Temple.
A space to explore her geography. Her names. Her voice and her stories.

Your Divine Yoni carries so much within her folds and her valleys. so much beauty and wisdom.

– Can you feel your Divine yoni as you read these words? Is she curious and even excited about what this can mean for her and for you?
– Would she like a space to share some of her stories?
– Is she calling to be held in the frequency of the sacred and immersed in the frequency of Love?

Join me as we step out of the media and social pressure to be anything other than who you are. this Masterclass invites you to explore more of who you already are. This is for women of all colors and all belief systems.

Sister, join me as we embrace her.

It is time.