Healing our sacred feminine center of wisdom opens the path for us to reclaim our primal creative power and supports us to wake up – to awaken our womb power.

Beyond the energetic level of our womb/hara space, our womb is a birthing portal of consciousness – and Womb Consciousness is a return to a pre-trauma state of our primal intelligence – where we experience ourselves as holistic beings – as part of the divine web of Life.

This is a Sacred body of work filled with holy words and practices and we are encouraged to create a spiritual practice that connects us to Source, Allah, Divine Mother, Spirit or whatever name is aligned for you. This body of work does not ask us to adopt a new spirituality.

Rainbow womb awakening includes our entire being – body, mind, psyche, feelings, sexuality, shadows, gifts, relationships, ancestry – so that we can come to fully embody our feminine consciousness and support the birth of a new earth.


• Healing your body and relaxing contractions caused by tensions and trauma.
• Healing your womb of cellular imprints which cause disease
• Connecting back into your body and soul
• Brings healing to your esteem system
• Bringing forgiveness to your hurts
• Expanding your inner knowing
• Inviting you to move from powerlessness to a state of empowerment.

This is a heroine’s journey, inviting us to fully embody our feminine consciousness and to rise like the lotus flower above all the stories that hold us back from saying Yes to all of life and to our birth right.

We welcome you as you are. Your place in the circle awaits you.