Day Pilgrimage of Origin – Motherland Medicine 2019

Birthday Pilgrimage  to Elder C Mutwa  – 

19 – 24 July 2019 

Our beautiful Motherland holds some of the deepest threads of Divine consciousness in our Cosmos.

A Pyramid of Star Elders,

Guardians of

Mothers’ medicine,

were gathered by

Her celestial Hand.

A Rainbow of Ancestors,

soul contracted

in pure joy,

Floated over

the crescent moon.

Rays of colour.


as they drew us closer

and closer,

And we became


Through the gate

of the Lion,

the Pride rode,

Goblets full of Love

in our Hands,

asking to be poured

on our Holy Lands.

Wrapped in Stardust,

from her Womb,

Her Love song rose.

Angels poured

Holy balms,

into the Old man

lying on his bed.

While rivers of

Love’s Alchemy

filled his aching bones,

soothing his broken heart.

Many tears were shed,

And wide smiles,

fell off our faces,

Into each other.

A Great Rebirth

took shape.

We were all


We felt,

And were held.

In the Heart of


Divine Grace.

by MaRah 27.07.2019

Always in service to Love

1 Day Pilgrimage by Rah and Mandaza Kandemwa – July 2019
Pilgrimage of Origin by Rah and Mandaza Kandemwa – July 2019