To go on pilgrimage is to walk a sacred journey – sacred intent, sacred words, sacred songs and sacred practices.

Pilgrimage is:

  • a sacred journey of remembering infused with divine prayers woven in a field of divine love.
  • a way to remember ancestors, events and people.
  • a way of remembering yourself.
  • undertaken for religious reasons, an obligation or a call from ancestors.
  • supports us to tap into the energies of the lands.
  • a sacred way to bring people together
  • an educational and transformative experience
  • a cellular, spiritual alchemical journey

My pilgrimage experiences are:

  • Womb Caves – South Africa
  • Honouring the waters – South Africa
  • Sacred sites of the San – South Africa
  • Honouring the Elder Mutwa’s in Kuruman
  • Bent, Albuquerque – USA
  • Bavaria- Germany
  • Avebury Sacred Sites – UK
  • Isis – Magdalene Pilgrimage: St Baume, Sacred Magdalene Grotto, Marie de la Mer, Sites of Sara-le-Kali, Rennes le Chateau, Montsegur – France
  • Pilgrimage with the Mutwa’s on Table Mountain
  • Mariam of Ephesus, Temple of Aphrodite, Temple of Artemis, Temple of Athena – Turkey
  • Giza Pyramid and Abu Gharab desert – Giza, Egypt
  • Pilgrimage to Black Madonna, Puy-en-Velay – France
  • Chauvet Pont du Arc, France
  • Lake Bafa, Turkey
  • Sakkara and Dahshur Pyramids, Egypt
  • Luxor Temple, Temple of Medinat Habu, Karnak Temple, Temple of Hatshepsut, Hathor Temple (Dendera), Sekhmet Temple, Temple of Abydos – Egypt
Pilgrimage is Heart and Soul Medicine
Dates for 2019 – Coming Soon
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