Yoni Steam training course

MAY 2020

Divine Yoni

Yoni – Root chakra

Your beautiful yoni is your divine lotus. She is closest to the earth. Her energies are connected to our ability to feel supported and safe in our family, our home, our work, our community and in our world.

She holds the key to understanding our unique gifts and skills.

Her colour burns red and she is the source of all procreation and creation on our planet.

This Yoni steam training course will equipped you to start practising as a Yoni Steam Practitioner. This is not a linear training but a feminine dimension teaching field.

I will teach you:

  • The Keyes of Yoni steaming
  • Yoni Anatomy
  • Yoni trauma healing 101
  • Yoni steaming as sacred vocation
  • Setting up your yoni steam practice.
  • Practical demonstrations
  • ¬†Practical tools to support your sacred vocation

May you be blessed. May your Yoni be Blessed.