Mothermind Womb Mysteries

Throughout Africa, initiates in mystery schools undergo several initiations rooted in the feminine spiral path. Our ancestors knew that our time in the womb shaped our entire lives. Undergoing a spiritual rebirth remains a core aspect of feminine moon colleges and mystery schools throughout the world.  We descend into the womb time, so we may remember ourselves. We descend into the womb so we may choose and activate a new template for our life. This sacred journey can heal our DNA and those of our ancestors. This way can clear a new evolutionary path for those who come after us.

You are invited into this sacred journey as and where you are. You are not required to adopt a new belief system. This work is based on the principles of sacred prayers, divine rituals, healing ceremonies, generations healing processes, alchemical healing audios, movement meditations and body prayers.

This sacred journey asks for a deep commitment to your personal journey. It is an embodied teaching process and is not taught in the traditional masculine way.

This beautiful journey is filled with layers of self exploration, curiosity and left hand creative processes as you continue to discover more and more about yourself. You are held in a safe and supported womb circle as your survival patterns, your shame and shadow aspects rise into your awareness.  are brought  shedding negative self talk, shame and shadow aspects of yourself and come home to your original blueprint full of wonder and love

We journey as a web of wombs and haras – in a safe circle of no more than 25 people at one time. We journey together in a sacred womb field  potent with the mystical healing energies of wonder and divine love.

Together, we descend into the womb so we may rise and bloom.

Here’s how you can benefit being a part of our Mothermind Womb Mysteries Circle.

  • Come to truly know and accept Yourself.
  • Build healthy relationships.
  • Embrace healing for yourself and your lineages.
  • Restore health to your womb, nervous system, your digestive systems.
  • Heal your DNA.
  • Connect with the boundless creative potential within yourself.
  • Heal emotional trauma’s and intergenerational trauma’s.
  • Open to many levels of Forgiveness
  • De armour your heart & awaken to your original Blueprint.
  • Restore a new loving genetic expression in your life.
  • Activate your feminine power.
  • Open to life and pleasure.
  • Reconnect with your soul essence.
  • Awaken your Shakti power.
  • Build a healthy relationships with your partners, family and ancestors.
  • Awaken your intuitive and psychic potential.
  • Return to holism and your interconnectedness to all life.

We descend into our womb/ hara consciousness, to be in it and feel it, so we may release all that no longer serve us and reclaime our true genetic inheritance full of wisdom and love. With special practices for Women of Colour and Muslim Women.

  • Spiral 1. Mothermind DNA
  • Spiral 2. Foundational practices
  • Spiral 3. Womb Rebirth
  • Spiral 4. Holism
  • Spiral 5. Pilgrimage into the Womb P1
  • Spiral 6. Pilgrimage into the Womb P2
  • Spiral 7: The Power of Archetypes
  • Spiral 8. Shadow work & Grief
  • Spiral 9. Power
  • Spiral 10. The Path of Love
  • Spiral 11. Motherland Womb Shamanism
  • Spiral 12. Initiation and Sacred Vocation

– You will receive a Certificate on Completion, supporting you to hold space for women to journey their womb traumas, host red tents, retreats and women’s circles.

We follow the ancient path of the Feminine Moon College Initiations guided by our Elders. Water medicine man and Shaman Elder Mandaza Kandemwa is part of our Elder Circle. We follow the ancient path of embodied wisdom. Together, Elder Mandaza and I offer water ritual, ceremonies, pilgrimages and Initiations to those who are ready to receive them during this sacred Apprenticeship.

We welcome you to this sacred womb journey and to this great adventure of knowing thyself.

The next Mothermind Womb Mysteries Apprenticeship will begin in January 2023. Registration will open in November 2022. Please email me, Rah – for your application form.

May we come to embody our sacred feminine mysteries in the tradition of our ancient feminine lineages. May this bring mystical healing to Mother Earth and all Her Peoples.