Turkish Womb Sister, Baitha Bahar

Motherland Womb Medicine

The Water Womb feminine path once thrived in our country and on our continent. From the tip of Africa to the horn of Africa, the women of our indigenous cultures have honoured this sacred path. The water womb mysteries were held by the grandmothers and great grandmothers in communities all over our continent, including our hunter gatherer communities of South Africa.  The ancient Bushmen, Indian and Irish knew that the majority of our substance is water. That water is the matrix in which our cells exits. Water is absolutely necessary for living tissue. All the life functions of the cell, feeding, breathing, reproducing and acting all require water and when it is not present, life ceases.

The ancient ones knew that water is a memory keeper here on Mother Earth. Long before the experiments with water by Dr Masaru Emoto provided scientific evidence that water responds in particular ways when communicated with.

The water stories of the Bushmen was first shared with me by Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa. I experienced one of my first water ceremonies with the man whose name means  ‘Truth of the Little Bushmen’  at Landudno beach in 2007. He told me after that it was the Bushmen who first knew the medicines of this motherland. They knew the herbs, water sources, animal wisdom and guardians of this land.. And all other tribes learnt this knowledge from our hunter gatherer ancestors.

Islamic water traditions

It says in the Holy Quran,” That God created every living thing from water …”

Water plays an intrinsic part of the life of every muslim. Before any prayers can be offered, one has to take ablution. One has to cleanse the body in preparation for prayer.


Primordial mankind knew that our cells live in us as the first amoeba-like creatures lived in the warm seas at the dawn of evolution. They knew that water is life. Women were honoured for being the custodians of the living water mysteries in the Khoi, San and ancient Irish traditions. Our connection to the moon lunar allows us to be catalysts in association with water and rain. The water medicine elders shared ancient teachings and practices to support this deep relationship with bodies of water through the world. Water was respected as consciousness. And could therefor connect us to our inner waters – our emotions and our bodies.

We, water medicine peoples of the world. We honour Water as Love.

We in Cape Town have experienced many water shortages over the past two years. The Khoi and San peoples honoured many of the water sources in our country. And when colonialism came to our lands, one of the first acts perpetrated against our peoples were to chase them away and to claim our natural water sources. These painful memories live in our sacred waters here, and our waters have been calling us to return to them. There are now long queues’ where many descendants of the Bushmen are again collecting water as was done so many many years ago. Our sacred water continue to call us to bring ourselves and our holy words. Water is Consciousness. Water is Love.

Water is Love

Within our sacred wombs lives the mysteries of the feminine. We journey to our womb to reclaim ourselves.

  • It is through the womb that the ancient ones journeyed to be rebirthed.
  • It is through the womb that we are able to access our maternal and paternal wounds and gifts.
  • It is through the womb that we re align with our original blueprint.
  • It is the Cosmic womb that connects us all.
  • Our ‘Mothermind’ is a part of every single one of us, waiting to be accessed.

May We Remember that we Are all Born of Love.