Mizan Therapy

Mizan therapy supports men’s health

Mizan benefits your physical health by restoring the free flow of the circulatory systems, relieving congestions and blocks – and benefits your emotional health by relaxing and easing muscle tension and anxiety.

With the increase of oxygen rich blood to the pelvis, Mizan can help to prevent congestion, swelling and inflammation of the prostate. The prostate gland is just behind the bladder and when it become congested, it leads to frequent urination, prostatic hyperplasia ( BPH). and prostatis. Modern living leads many men to live stressful lives often resulting in digestive problems. Mizan focuses on offering a deep massage around the abdomen, relaxing the diaghram and tightened muscles around the stomach. The improved blood supply to the entire digestive system supports the digestion of food and speeds up the elimination of waste through the systems.

Mizan therapy can help with:

• indigestion
• supports prostate health
• heart burn
• your emotional health
• flow of vital energy in your circulatory system.
• constipation

Rah is currently the only Mizan therapist in South Africa. Book your 90+ minutes session for only R875.00.