Mentoring – self leadership

We’r here for a reason, I believe a bit of that reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark.  – Whoopi Godberg

To Mentor is to advice support and train some-one by sharing your knowledge, life experience and skills. Mentoring is motivating and empowering the other person to identify their strengths, issues and dreams. Mentoring is based on both parties being equal, on non judgement and on bringing our expertise to help resolve issues and reach goals in a supportive caring relationship.

I offer a sacred space for deep listening and draw on my personal experiences and trainings using story telling, ceremony and mind, body, spirit keys to support you where you need it most. movements towards life.

My Mentoring can support you in all stages of  your life –  establishing a sacred practice, opening dialogue with your ancestors, taking shamanic journey’s to remember your true self, follow up after trainings, when you need deep listening, support during transitions,  stepping into self leadership,  support during grief, support during illness, connecting to your wild nature, identifying of your archetypal patterns..

Mentoring is offered in person and via skype internationally. My current rate for 90 minute sessions is SA is  R1000  and 120 Usd worldwide. I offer special rates for ongoing support. All of my income supports me to continue to expand my services to reach those who are from financially challenged communities where ever I am called to work.


I worked with Rah, during a time of profound and difficult change in my love. As a teacher and as a sister, my one-on-one mentoring sessions with her, gave me an anchor and a safe space to be seen, heard and loved. Rah supported me to tap into and unlock my own innate wisdom and power, as a woman, as a healer and as an artist. It is the mutual exchange which I valued the most: that she saw and treated me as an equal, and shared her knowledge while valuing my experience and my knowledge and that she learnt from me too. This allowed me to see that what I bring is valuable.

– Toni Stuart, South African poet, performer & educator

Rah is incredible! There is nothing I feel she could add or take away. It is clear she is in her flow, in service to the divine, & beating to the heartbeat of the universe as she mentors. I plan to continue my sessions with her & desire to soak up the wisdom she shares. Truly delightful to be in her presence. She is witty, wise, playful, holy, & connected. Rah’s sessions are deeply transmutational. Blessings to Rah!

Betsy Huljev – Birth Sherpa. Womb Priestess.USA