It has been such a blessing for me to be mentored by such diverse women and men in the healing arts who have helped to open many doorways of perception for me over the past few years. I was held in their field of wisdom until I was ready to shed my old skin and embrace a new way of being. 

My heart holds each of the elders with deep gratitude who shared so much care and wisdom with me when I needed it most.

I offer feminine mentorship – an organic process that invites tending to yourself, slowing down, giving space, composting what is ready to be composted, and waiting for the readiness of movement to come from within you.  This sacred mentoring is not a quick fix.  It asks for warmth, trust, attunement, discernment and commitment. And I have womb trust in this process. 

In this fast past achievement based world it can be challenging to reach out for support or admit that you do not know what your next movement is –  and you do not know how to wait for it either. Mentoring can give you a space to lean into when you simply do not know. Or an ear to listen without judgement, an opportunity to look through a different lens and an invitation to be witnessed as you till the soil creating the right conditions for planting your seeds to ensure abundant blossoming. As a Teacher, I mentor all peoples who wish to embody their sacred gifts. And for you of  our rainbow nation with your diverse ancestries who seek guidance as you explore how to acknowledge all of who you are. 

Expect storytelling, womb winks, sacred laughter, breath work, openings, closings, care and love.

You are welcome as you are. I look forward to be of service to you and to your ancestral field.

Mentoring is available as a 90 min Session for R950 for South Africans. International peeps pay 100 USD

Blue Lotus Package  (3 sessions = 12 months) for R2633 – 275 USD.