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Men’s Health Services

Mizan Therapy

Many men are seeking for ways to balance the feminine and masculine energies within themselves. As the divine feminine rises it feels important to hold space for the divine feminine within the sacred masculine to rise as well.

Abdominal massage and lingam steaming have been used for centuries in the East to support men’s well being and health. Men too are now looking for ways to become aware of themselves, to clear their energies and to choose healthy ways to interact with the feminine in the world.

Mizan benefits your health by restoring the free flow of the circulatory system, relieving congestion and blocks, and benefits your emotional health by easing muscle tension and anxiety.

With the increase of oxygen rich blood to the pelvis, Mizan can help to prevent congestion, swelling and inflammation of the prostate. The prostate gland is just below the bladder and when it becomes congested it leads to frequent urination, prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and prostatis.

Modern living leads many men to live stressful lives, often resulting in digestive problems. Mizan offers a deep massage focusing around the abdomen, relaxing the diaghram and the tightened muscles around the stomach.

Skype sessions are also available to those who are unable to attend in person.

International skype sessions cost usd 120 p hour.

1 Mizan Therapy Session – 90 MINS for only R850.00
A minimum of 3 Session advised for maximum benefit – package is available – R2250

Hara awakening

Men do not have a womb. They have a hara space. The ancient Egyptians and the sages of India and China all believed that the hara had the power to affect the entire body. The condition of the hara was seen as vital to your health and well being.

The hara collects and stores your memories and your experiences. Your hara calls you into your inner space. Away from the old story that says the quality of your life is based on what is outside and into the new. A way that asks you to work with your inner space. It asks that you take responsibility for yourself, for your feelings and your actions. It calls your attention to your thoughts and to the power of your thoughts. It is a great privilege to live in this era. An era where we are called to become aware that our energy systems and how our attitudes affect our health and our well being.

Working with awareness with your hara energy connects you to with your courage, your strength, your sexuality, your self respect and your self esteem.

It support you to:

  • Connect with your soul
  • Clear sabotaging patterns
  • Healthier ways of relating
  • Become aware of your shadows
  • Choose healthy stories
  • Love yourself

Your hara awakening session is an enquiry into your personal power, your relationship to power, setting of boundaries, self love, ancestral wounds, male lineages and personal contracts.

Hara Awakening session In person & Skype – SA = R650 – International = USD100
Special 3 session package – SA R1800 – International = USD 250
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