Day Pilgrimage of Origin – Motherland Love – Blue Moon 18 May 2019 

Our 1 Day Pilgrimage of Origin is an invitation for you to experience the beauty of the feminine wisdom of Mother Earth. We take this sacred journey so we may heal any pain related to our khoi ancestors. In sacred circle we will flow with what is present for each of us. WE are blessed to be joined by Bradley Van Sitter who speaks the Nama language fluently and who is part of many ‘decolonise the tongue’ programmes in our Mother city.  In sacred ceremony our ears will hear and our hearts will feel the click language again. Together we are invited to open our hearts, ears and minds, to tune into and listen for ways that eah of us can enrich our experience of self, our relationship o one another and to our Mother Earth.

We will travel by private mini bus in the morning, leaving the city behind and heading over the mountain to the walker bay nature reserve. The Klipgat cave is inside this pristine nature reserve. Remains dating between 65 000 yr – 85 000 yrs were found inside this large cave and was found to be home to our first peoples. Evidence of herding fat tailed sheep were also found.

The Drup Kelders – ‘Drip Cellar’, is what the De Kelders area is named for. This ancient underground fresh water cave is a marvel to behold. Now privately owned and locked by the owners, access is given only via tour operators who charge a per person fee for entrance to this magical site. It is well worth the effort to enter this stalactite filled space, the ceiling is covered with stalactites that are still growing and the fresh water pools invite you to anoint yourself in the sweet waters where the ancients once sipped from themselves.

We will spend time in the Klipgat Cave together in sacred ceremony, our holy words merging with the air and the land. There is time to walk on the wide expansive beach, to visit the Drup kelders cave for a water blessing and enjoy a picnic in circle before heading back to the city.

Our group is limited to 12 people for this journey.

Each pilgrim is asked to bring a picnic lunch to share.

Total cost of R1350.00 includes Full Transport with Driver and petrol in Private Taxi from the City to De Kelders and back, your Entrance fee at Walker Bay Nature Reserve, Entrance to the Drup Kelders Cave and Facilitation for Rah-Nomvula and Bradley Van Sitter.

Please contact rah@divinelotus.co.za to secure your space in this sacred day blessing.

Please wear sturdy comfortable shoes, and warm clothes as Cape Town weather is unpredictable. Bring a hat for sun protection, sun screen, a swimming costume and towel for a dip in the ocean. We will share our food with one another in circle, please bring your shared lunch and any water, juice or tea.

I look forward to this sacred opportunity with you

Warmest Love

Rah-Nomvula and Bradley Van Sitter

Local 1 Day Pilgrimage: Motherland Medicine on 18 May 2019
International Pilgrimage of Origin: Motherland Medicine 1 – 14 October 2019
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