“The spirits are saying there is no time for us to talk about the beauty of oneness, to write about the beauty of peace. That time is over. Become the story yourself. Miracles will happen. We live in a world of mystery” – Mandaza Kandemwa

Many of us here in the Mother City do not know what it is to have peace, nor how to keep peace. The struggle between the races is still very visible here in our beautiful city. The colonisation of the indigenous people, the silent trauma buried by so many to whom Cape Town is home are one of the many stumbling blocks we in the Mother City face in our search for peace. Our perceptions clouded by inherited stories, the pathways of our wombs and yoni’s blocked because of trauma, often unspoken, unhealed. There are so many ways we create chaos. And all of us are responsible in one way or another for creating settings where peace cannot take root. Where the healing balm of divine love cannot flow.

Mandaza (Augustine) Kandemwa, a Svikiro (a carrier of many earth and water spirits) and Mhondoro, a Lion Shaman (one in constant prayer for others in the Shona tradition), carries with great heart the Central African tradition of healing and peacemaking. Mandaza’s visit provides an extraordinary opportunity to experience and receive his gifts of wisdom, love, healing and peacemaking. Recently on the Shift Network and with Sounds True, he is known internationally for his loving presence and for his preservation of the old ways. He stands for Truth, Love, Justice and Peace in this world. Mandaza comes from Zimbabwe, Africa, a country with dire challenges of poverty, disease, massive unemployment, and political instability.

Here in Cape Town for a limited number of ceremonies. Please join us by emailing rah360@gmail.com to reserve your space.


Ceremony for Peace and Healing
Ceremony for Peace and Healing