International Pilgrimage  

A Beautiful Pilgrimage that included a few local south africans and a beautiful group of international visitors was hosted by MamRah and Mandaza Kandemwa from 19 – 24 July. We were joined by Star Elders Oom Jan Org and his wife Belinda.

Our journey began in the Mother City, traveling by comfortable minibus to the Green Kalahari. Our first stop was at the beautiful Hot springs called The Baths in Citrusdal where Mandaza Kandemwa gathered us into a sacred water ritual immersed in the beautiful hot springs that has been flowing long before the 17o0’s. Our journey to the green Kalahari continued while our group got to know one another. We arrived at our overnight destination in Keimoes, positioned on a hill next to the mighty Orange River. It was the perfect place to land after a long day of driving and we were met with such warmth. We slept in comfortable beds while springbok relaxed in the cool night air. After breakfast we gathered in circle led by Mandaza Kandemwa while birds sang their songs around us. We departed with our bellies and hearts full of excitement for what was unfolding between us all. We were now in the land of the little people and semi precious stones. And we could not pass up the opportunity to visit Die Pink Padstal in Kakamas to invite rose quartz to join our circle. We finally arrived in Kuruman after the sun went to bed. We were unsure if Oom Jan Org and his wife Belinda Mathee would be able to join us. As ordained by Spirit, we were led to stop on the side of the road in Kuruman, to orient ourselves in the unfamiliar terrain. It was here that the Suprise unfolded as the two shamans met and fell into each other’s arms with such love that tears poured from our eyes. Our Pilgrimage Circle was finally complete and we made our way to greet our Elders Mama Virginia and Baba Credo Mutwa. After a short greeting we went to our accommodation a few kilometres out of the town, where finally we feasted together on delicious vegetarian food. Oom Jan dedicated himself to gather wood and make a fire as he does. While the rest of us fell into bed from over full hearts. Our morning circles was rich with sharings as we prepared to join Baba Credo’s 98th birthday celebrations. A large tent shaded the church family gathered to pay homage to our Elder, while Baba Credo sat and listened to all our songs and speeches.Smiling and bobbing his head in harmony with the holy songs. Feasting and hugging and photos and cake was shared heartily by all amidst indescribable feelings, rich and at times overwhelming. Back at our accommodation we gathered around Oom Jan’s fire, singing Tori’s song while drinking tea and beer. We had time to catch our breath and root ourselves on this land. Our morning circle was full of messages from the spirit world and prepared us for our last visit to Mama and Baba Mutwa. Our last meeting with them was filled with Divine offerings from all of us, as our cup runneth over with the precious gifts of time spent in service to love. We felt ourselves in a great rebirth. And I will not try to describe the depth of this grace gifted to each of us by our Great Mother’s Love’s for us all. Again we gathered around Oom Jan’s fire, sharing, singing and rejoicing. Early next morning we began to pack our vehicle, stopping at the Eye, the sacred fountain that nourishes all of Kuruman and the surrounding towns. We had our last water ritual there witnessed by the trees, fish and birds as we made our way back on the long road home. A strong wind blew as we drove to Kimberley, witnessing the pollution of the mining industry and the poverty experienced by many of our people. We stopped at the Wilde Beest Kuil Rock Art site before the town of Kimberley where we walked the trail of incredible rock art left by the San for us to experience. Our last ceremony flowed into the land here while the winds blew all around us. A final meal was shared before we took our International Guests to Kimberley airport and the rest of us continued our journey. We decided to stop in Hopetown where eventually we found a lovely Gastehuis (guesthouse) who welcomed us.  Early next morning our remaining pilgrims gathered to make the long journey back to Cape Town, driving through snow covered mountains as light feminine rains kissed our Mother City. We all came home full of holy ceremonies and sacred medicines to rest, integrate and land from our love filled divine adventure. Forever changed, our hearts full of gratitude and love.



Planting Seeds of Love and Peace in our Majestic Motherland
Remembering and Celebrating Our Motherland – Our Heritage.