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Hara awakening

I offer this page in honour of the sacred masculine and of the incredible men in my life. Men have a hara space instead of a womb. The ancient Egyptians and the sages of India and China all believed that the hara had the power to affect the entire body. The condition of the hara was seen as vital to men’s overall health and well being.

Your hara collects and stores your memories and your experiences. When you bring your awareness into your hara, he calls you into yourself. He calls you away from the old story that says the quality of your life is based on what is outside and into the new way that asks you to be with awareness in your inner space. Your hara asks that you take responsibility for yourself, for your feelings and your actions. He calls your attention to how your attitudes and your thoughts affect your health and well being. Working with awareness with your hara energy connects you to with your courage, your strength, your sexuality, your self respect and your self esteem.

It support you to:

  • Connect with your soul
  • Clear sabotaging patterns
  • Choose healthier ways of relating
  • Become aware of your shadows
  • Choose healthy stories
  • Love yourself

Your hara awakening session is an enquiry into your personal power, your relationship to power, setting of boundaries, self love, ancestral wounds, male lineages and personal contracts.

Your hara is sacred and so are you.

Hara Awakening In person & Skype session – SA = R650 – International = USD 100
Special 3 session package – SA = R1800 – International = USD250
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