empowering the feminine

This Alchemical Journey

Like the Lotus which is not saturated by the water

that it rests upon

Anymore than its flowers are soiled by mud

The Yoni remains perpetually pure and is not tainted by any action.

Divine Lotus came into being in July 2014. And my book ‘Cutting my Flower’ was published in August 2014. My intention was to break the silence about female genital cutting and to raise awareness about this unspeakable trauma. It was a herstorical and revolutionary act to reclaim the rights over my body, my sexuality-my human rights. How do we voice what is true for us whilst being respectful of our ancestors and our parents?.How do we harvest what is our birth right within our families and birth new stories that honour and respect our divine feminine power? This body of work was birthed through the alchemy of my sacred journey as a young girl growing up in a muslim family in apartheid South Africa, finding myself in the grips of the trauma of experiencing female genital cutting as a young teen. Tracking my story back to my roots to harvest the compassion and love for the people, ancestors and the land that bore and shaped me.

It is an honour to serve love in this way.