Family Constellations Sessions & the Yoniverse

Family Constellations has its origin in South Africa and is therefore of ancient origin from a time when the elders were still interconnected and listening to the field of love. Bert Hellinger observed and studied this phenomena here in South Africa and added his own lens and gave it the language in which it now exists in the world.

Family Constellations is a healing modality that reaches into our family of origin and seeks to acknowledge the patterns within our family system. It seeks to look at the ways in which the natural flow of love has been disrupted. Family Constellations works with representatives (dolls, paper, pebbles,etc) to offer us an opportunity to see the patterns, disruptions and fractures living within our family systems. And to align ourselves with the natural orders of how love flows within our families and in our lives.

The use of representatives allows clients to easily see the patterns and disruptions that have created discord and trauma within the family and within us. It is for that reason that Family Constellations is a successful healing modality working in generational and the intergenerational field of family system

I work with Family Constellations and the Yoniverse. So many different experiences, ancestral stories, world myths, religious and cultural taboo’s impact our ability to have a healthy relationship with ourselves, our yoni, our sexuality and with others and …..  The Field of Family Constellations offers us healing opportunities to explore this delicate terrain and all her layers in a very tactile and powerful manner.  

I welcome you to explore this beautiful healing space with me.