Divine Yoni – Vagina

Queen Jewel

potent petals

sacred passion
pathway to

my darling flower
I honour your
queen jewel

by Rah Busby

Yoni is a sanskrit work that means source, vulva, origin – and is used to describe the female genitalia.

Our Divine Yoni has been misunderstood, shamed and blamed for centuries. She has survived an era where her true nature was hidden and distorted and where she endured much suffering and humiliation. This offensive left our feminine psyche in turmoil and she shut down and armoured herself.

Her longing lived on through the generations. A longing to be felt, heard, witnessed and bathed in tenderness and true love. Her grief and rage was tucked away in her delicate petals… waiting… longing.

Our sexual anatomy is now being irrevocably re discovered,reclaimed and honoured as sacred . Our longing to free her met in the rise of the feminine seeking union with all of herself. And in the masculine seeking to be in balance with his soft caring feminine nature.

Shrines in honour of our sacred yoni temple are spread all around the world, testimony to the fact that many ancient cultures honoured our yoni as a jewel of restoration and a potent source of our life force.

We now know that our yoni, our vagina is the seat of our feminine power. She is magnetic… filled with a galaxy of dynamic shakti power.

In ancient Indian,Egyptian,Toast,Tibetan and other traditions women and men were initiated into the sacred practices that open the pathways of the Yoni. They were taught to harness the magnetic fields generated through entering states of pleasure and ecstasy in order to build the energetic light body – the Ka – to expand their consciousness.

Temple Initiates were taught to identify the places within themselves that blocked the flow to opening the twin of the physical body. As all blocks whether of frozen, repressed, unexpressed and shameful feelings are toxic to our vitality and evolution in consciousness.

The Yoni is a delicate flower and my Yoni healing sessions  connect you to the sacred places within her, gently coaching her to release  and encouraging her to open her pathways with tenderness and sensitivity. Only the deepest sensitivity can hold her in the safety that she needs to de armour, unwind and blossom again. When she blooms, we are able to live at a higher vibration of  live and love.

Our Yoni calls for us to know that she holds pure consciousness and that she is a Gift from the Source of  Life and Love.


I went to Rah with no idea what lay in store regarding my Yoni Steam session. What happened is rather difficult to express in words.
Rah took me so gently through the process, ensuring that I felt private and completely safe at all times. The result of becoming intimate with my yoni in this gentle manner was profound. It was like going into a deep meditation, sinking into my body and finding an ancient connection to my feminine divine through my yoni. I felt waves of emotion rising and clearing and the softest sensation of coming home to that part of myself from which I had disconnected for so very long.
I left with a gentle joy and a profound sense of peace. I will most certainly return to continue the work…

Tania Bownes, Director at Dreamworker