Divine Yoni Cushions

Your Divine Yoni Cushion is a beautiful magical feminine artwork designed and created here in the Mother City of Cape Town, South Africa. Her fabrics are carefully selected natural fibres. Her inner is of 100% wool. Her petals are of silk blends. She is stored on a bed of rose petals and rose quartz until she is ready to travel to you. There is more. You also receive …

  • an Introductory story
  • a Full colour anatomical drawing
  • a Celebratory poem
  • Packaged in a beautiful soft linen bag.

Why buy a Divine Yoni Cushion?

  • As an act of courage to embrace your vagina.

  • As a way to reclaim the rights over your sacred body.

  • To debunk the myths about what lives under our skirts/pants.

  • To shift our feminine geography from ‘down there’ to ‘right here’.

  • To get to know yourself.

  • To embrace your pleasure.

  • To enhance your sense of self.

  • To change your life.

These beautiful Divine Yoni Cushions were born after many years of working with women and their yoni’s. Our beautiful sacred flower is tucked away and most of us cannot visualise her flowery nature. Even when we look at an anatomical diagram, it is difficult to visualise her petals. As one who stands for Yoni empowerment- it was clear that women needed a tool that could act as a bridge between us and our vaginas.

  • She is a symbol of your divine flower and her beauty and power.

  • She is a bridge to connect you with your sacred yoni.

  • She can support yo to get to know your yoni and yourself.

  • She can support you to courageous acts of self love.

  • She can motivate you to release the blockages and fears held within your cell and within our lineages.

  • She is sacred, political and psychological.

  • Her temple is full of creative jewels that nourish and feed your life.