Opening of the Moon College

For thousands of years matrilineal societies lived in harmony with each other and with the land. The feminine principles of life and her cycles of wisdom were honored by all aboriginal cultures including those of the Cape and or Africa. The feminine and her body was revered as having been created in the image of God. Her life giving gifts was revered.  She was free to fulfill many roles for her community and for the larger society and country. My healing journey aligned in such a way that I befriended Elder African Historian, Lion Shaman and Healer Baba Credo Mutwa. It was he who first coined the term Mothermind. He spoke about how early peoples were still connected to their mothermind. And that our challenge as a species is to reweave our connection with our own mothermind. His guidance was invaluable to me and so also his encouragement for my quest to reconnect with my own mothermind  – my connection to the earth as mother – and to the matrilineal lineages of my aboriginal cape ancestries.  

The mothermind and the womb consciousness way merged together while I was training with Seren and Azra Bertrandt.  It was clearly the foundation of our matrilineal societies.  This Moon College is founded on the principles of rematriation – reclaiming our mothermind through a journey of womb consciousness.. The path of rematriation seeks to repair our connection with ourselves – our mothers – our ancestral lands…. Rematriation is about restoring our connection to our indigenous roots. Reconnecting to our mothermind – to our wild soul.

 We journey into our bodies, into our roots. In a sacred womb circle we journey together like pilgrims on a quest. The quest is to know ourselves. To tend to our own roots and from there to reclaim what seems to have been lost. To reconnect to our wild soul – the one who guards our wisdom. This is a spiritual rebirth where we are able to recreate again what has been taken and lost.

This Divine Moon College offers a way to rematriate – to reclaim – restore – and repair our divine feminine templates. This rematriation process is a womb conscious journey anchored in your body.  If you have been pressed and starched – if your feminine soul is starving to know herself. If you long to embody your authentic self and to support others to embody the womb conscious wisdom path then this process of embodiment is for you. 

This is a sacred journey. It is not a mental journey where we only learn about constructs and theories.  It is a divine process of embodiment. A return to the way knowledge was taught by our  ancestors – it is the schooling of our perception.

We welcome all women to this incredible indigenous journey of self discovery and empowerment.

From the Womb of the Queen of Sheba: I have drunk of her, but have not tottered; I have tottered through her, but have not fallen; I have fallen because of her but have not been destroyed. Through her I have dived down into the great sea and have seized in the place of her depths a pearl whereby I am rich. I went down like the great iron anchor whereby men anchor ships for the night on the high seas, and I received a lamp which lighteth me, and I came up by the ropes of the boat of understanding. I went to sleep in the depths of the sea, and not being overwhelmed with the water I dreamed a dream. And it seemed to me that there was a star in my womb, and I marvelled thereat, and I laid hold upon it and made it strong in the splendour of the sun; I laid hold upon it, and I will never let it go. I went in through the doors of the treasury of wisdom and I drew for myself the waters of understanding. I went into the blaze of the flame of the sun, and it lighted me with the splendour thereof, and I made of it a shield for myself, and I saved myself by confidence therein, and not myself only but all those who travel in the footprints of wisdom, and not myself only but all the men of my country, the kingdom of Ethiopia, and not those only but those who travel in their ways, the nations that are round about. From the Womb of Bilqis – the Queen of Sheba – [http://www.sacred-texts.) 

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Welcome to Divine Lotus 13 Moon Feminine Mysteries program.

This is a divine feminine journey of rematriation – of reclaiming our mothermind  through the wisdom of our bodies. It is a spiral journey through your womb and your maternal lineages. This journey asks that you remain in your body while you voyage through her in spirals of feminine wisdom.  Each month, we journey with a theme aligned to reweave your relationship with your womb – your yoni – your whole body. You will be connecting with your body on a daily basis through ceremonies, rituals and practices.  We will honour your ancestors in ways that do not bring shame into your family field aligning yourself as the recipient of your ancestral inheritance. We will journey through a process of  rebirth, leaving behind that which no longer serves us. Pouring your own sacred words as spiritual practice into your beautiful body temple. Reweaving this almost lost connection.This sacred womb container is a safe space for all women especially women of colour and muslim women. We intend to cause no harm or disrespect to our ancestors. We welcome all women as we anchor ourselves in the frequencies of love.

 Our Themes: 

  • Spiral 1 – Mothermind – Laying Foundations.
  • Spiral 2 – Rites of Passage
  • Spiral 3 – My Body – My Blood
  • Spiral 4 – Womb Rebirth
  • Spiral 5 – Divine Chakra’s
  • Spiral 6 –  Yoni Quest
  • Spiral 7  – Pilgrimage into the Womb
  • Spiral 8 – Temple of the Feminine Arts
  • Spiral 9 – Your Sacred Project
  • Spiral 10 – Sacred Vocation
  • Spiral 11 – Womb Shamanism

 Most participants bring their journey to closure during Spiral 11. Only those wishing to step into sacred vocation as Yoni Steam Practitioners continue.

  • Spiral 12 – Yoni Steam Practitioner Training 1 (
  • Spiral 13 – Yoni Steam Practitioner Training 2


 What You Receive: 

  • 1 x Monthly Themed Pdf with your instructions, full of guidance for self knowledge.
  • 2 x Audio Meditations/Ceremonies per month.
  • 1 x Somatic healing practices (movement & art – in audio or video)
  • 1 x 2.5 hour Zoom class per month
  • 1 x Zoom dance per Trimester
  • 1 x Private session per month if you need it.
  • Private group circle support.
  • Ongoing monthly support circles for 6 months after.
  • Bonus In person Retreat.

Email for more informations and to secure your space in this divine voyage of rebirth and rematriation.

Blessings of the Womb and Yoni to You.

 The Benefits are: 

  • Unveil and reclaim your divine feminine essence held in an indigenous womb container in South Africa.
  • Open the doors for your ancestors so you may have a relationship with them.
  • Befriend Your Yoni.
  • Invite her to be part of your self esteem system.
  • Release ancestral wounds.
  • Cultivate a spirituality that includes your sexuality.
  • Open the pathways of your bliss.
  • Know Yourself.
  • Learn to trust life and love.
  • Release Body shame.
  • Cultivate Trust in Yourself  & in your Inner Knowing.
  • Deepen your love for yourself.
  • Release grief and free yourself.
  • Activate your Womb and Yoni as your Wisdomkeepers.
  • Merge with your power.
  • Birth your sacred gifts into this world.
  • Heal sisterhood wounds.
  • Release the myths about your divine feminine nature.
  • Reclaim your ancestral gifts.