Trauma is described as a rhythmic dysfunction. A paralysation, where a contraction occurs within our bodies at the time of trauma.

Trauma has been my biggest teacher. And the school of life offered me all the opportunities to experience, engage with, immerse in, and learn from these deep teachings of pain, fear and hopelessness. It has been a lifetime of learning to embrace my life and to open my arms wide to life and love.

I now offer a comprehensive range of support for those working within organisations, women’s groups, red tents, men’s groups, and…

I offer in door and outdoor Water Healing ceremonies. Womb and Hara healing, Divine Women and divine men healing , Yoni as sacred Temple, My Heart as guru, My Divine Lotus – yoni healing…

My Water Womb Medicine supports me to anchor the frequencies of love in all the spaces and places where I am called to work. This allows for deep listening and alchemical processes that support feeling, remembering, feeling safe, expansion and transformation.


“I would like to wholeheartedly speak of the extraordinary conceptual and process work Rah Busby has done with teachers over the past two years in a national programme we have been running in South Africa. Our intent has been to listen deeply to teachers as they form the centre of a process for creating a sexuality education curriculum for pre- and in-service teacher education. This work is particularly significant in a nation that suffers high rates of domestic violence and sexual abuse that victimises many young girls and models male violence to boys.

Those involved in teacher education nationally have struggled with creating platforms where teachers can speak of their own traumas and find mechanisms for knitting their wholeness back together so that they can catch their violated learners before they fall too far. There is simply no successful national model. This is where Rah came in for the project. In a truly remarkable way, Rah has been able to conceptualise and create spaces where female and male teachers have been able to tell their stories of abuse that until then had been relegated to the realms of silence. One must remember that few cultures around the globe truly allow for sexual abuse to be spoken of openly, let alone with the authentic response of honour, care and support that Rah models and creates for others. This is exactly what Rah has been able to create and facilitate amongst teachers”.

Professor Jim Lees – University of Western Cape, SA – HIV & AIDS Programme – 2018.

I worked with Rah, during a time of profound and difficult change in my love. As a teacher and as a sister, my one-on-one mentoring sessions with her, gave me an anchor and a safe space to be seen, heard and loved. Rah supported me to tap into and unlock my own innate wisdom and power, as a woman, as a healer and as an artist. It is the mutual exchange which I valued the most: that she saw and treated me as an equal, and shared her knowledge while valuing my experience and my knowledge and that she learnt from me too. This allowed me to see that what I bring is valuable.

– Toni Stuart, South African poet, performer & educator