Throughout South Africa and Africa ceremony is a part of life. One can find one self in a ritual at any moment for a number of different reasons. Africa is a land filled with ritual. Ritual is seen as the gateway to living lives blessed by the gods and goddess. Ritual is the gateway to a healthy relationship with our ancestors. No grand reason is required to be in ceremony. The most vital requirement is the use of your sacred words and your open heart. Prayer is communication with your God, Goddess or Diety. Prayer also communicates with our ancestors, the elements, the land, animals, insects, trees, flowers, etc. All of creation responds to prayer.

Ceremony is a way in which we offer our gratitude for all of life, acknowledging that this includes human beings, animals, plants, trees, stones, the elements and all the peoples all around the world.

Ceremonies weave people together. Ceremony offers opportunity to release old things, to embrace new things, to be in community, to learn new ways of living, to give thanks, to accept and and.

There are religious ceremonies, earth healing ceremonies, water ceremonies, fire ceremonies, grief ceremonies, dance ceremonies, sweat lodge ceremonies. There are ceremonies to honour all the cycles of  life – to honour all of life.

Ceremony is a way of life and I weave ceremony – sacred words and the invitation for open heartedness into all of my services.

In ceremony we weave invisible strands of holy healing vibrations able to bless ourselves, one another and all of life.

Ceremony helps me to remember my sacred self.
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