Newsletter – Who does your yoni belong to?

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Who does your yoni belong to?

“Offcourse my yoni belongs to me”, I answered when I first encountered this question. What a ridiculous question to ask any women I thought at the time.

I did not yet understand the mysteries and complexities folded into her many layers. I did not know what hid behind her sacred veils. I could not comprehend how to merge my sexuality with my spirituality.

My yoni initiated me into my sacred work. And she has taken me on spirals and spirals of journeys through her labia’s, through my own heart, through my life, the life of my mother and of my maternal lineages. Through my relationships and the social structures I was born into. And she has rebirthed and birthed me into the now.

I had to journey with what is means to have been indoctrinated to disregard her. To pretend that she does not exist. To live in a world where her name cannot be mentioned without raising eyebrows.

Yoni means the Source in Sanskrit. Your Yoni is your Source and she connects you to the Source of Life and Love. No matter what your belief systems are.

Your Yoni is the Mystery of the Mystery Teachings. 

The collective Yoni stories that I have heard, witnessed and held space for gave birth to this new sacred offering. You are invited to join our Divine Lotus 12 Moon Feminine Mysteries program. A journey of embodiment for all women anchored on the African continent by an indigenous medicine woman of muslim, bushmen and Irish ancestry.
This is a call to honour your Yoni as the Source. A call to bow at Her Altar. To reach behind her veils into her mysterious nature and to know that she is your divine essence. She belongs to you. Her nature expresses your nature. Her essence is part of your essence.

We will create space for Her as the Temple of your Being. And we will invite her to Initiate us. So that you may:

* Befriend her.
* Invite her to be a part of your Self Esteem system.
* Cultivate a spirituality that includes your sexuality.
* Hold space for yourself to know yourself.
* Release body shame.
* Befriend your shadows.
* Activate your Womb and Yoni as Wisdomkeepers in your life.
* Strengthen your Trust in yourself.
* Heal sisterhood wounds.
* Release the myths about your divine feminine nature.
* Claim your ancestral gifts.
* Birth your sacred gifts into this world.
* Deepen your love for yourself.

This is an online immersion to allow for a worldwide sacred circle to take shape. You will receive all your materials so that you can journey safely in your own space while feeling held and supported in a sacred circle.

Our journey of embodiment is structured to have 10 spiral/ months from 1 October to 30 July 2024. Included is time for rest and integration while we continue to spiral with the relevant themes. a 2 Month rest will commence during August and September for those who feel that their journey is complete to be able to exit and for our circle to recalibrate. We will continue for 2 Spirals with the Themes of  Womb Shamanism and Sacred Vocation during October and November 2024 for those wishing to deepen their embodiment process and birth their sacred work into this world.

The above sacred  journey is a prerequisite for those wishing to become Yoni Steam Practitioners.

Oh my beautiful Yoni. I will never stop calling your name.

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